How far in advanced do we need to get in touch for our project?

The earlier the better. General rule of thumb is 4 weeks prior, this is excluding production timeframe. For example: Duration of the illustration phase is 4 weeks, and then production is 12 weeks (this varies based on suppliers and the item).

Do you paint your illustrations?

All the illustrations are painted digitally.

How do you supply the files?

What is the price range?

Brand and Visual Design Packages start from $7,000

Why does it cost so much?

We work with a team of creatives who spend 

Can we create a logo only?

Unfortunately no. We begin the process with brand strategy. To ensure we can deliver a creative visual solution, we first need to get to know your brand, your visions and goals to ensure we are on the same page.

Why do you offer strategy?

Do you require a Deposit?


Can we shorten the duration of the process?

Do you offer graphic design services alone?