We want to make the world a better place, by helping thoughtful brands succeed.

Art connects.

That’s its job. 


It can knock your breath out, lift you up and smooth you straight like Nutella on rye. 


And – if it’s very, very good – it expands who you think you are and helps you click with others like you.


That’s what August Eight does for your brand.


We help you attract the people who share your true flavour.


As social creatures, we all live and die by the connections we build.  And we want to help your brand forge deep bonds with like-minded kindreds.

How do we do it? 

With impactful, clever, genuinely relatable images, drawn with meaningful intention that communicate your purpose,

that’s how.


The real magic happens when we work with people who believe in their products, want to push the edge and really craft a brand. 


Every line and hue of our meticulously researched illustrations, or graphic designs speaks your story. Because it’s never about art for the sake of creating. It’s about telling it how it is because your story matters.

The eyes & mind
Behind the Studio

Graphic Designer, Illustrator and foodie, Meri Biscotto is the creative behind our design studio. Meri is all about pushing boundaries, with purpose. Her art is her expression, her flow-state is her happy place; pen in hand, drawing and redrawing until she gets it right. 


Fuelled by a love for creativity and a ‘keep-it-real’ attitude, Meri’s approach is raw and ready. Her primary focus is creating work that serves a purpose, illustrating every element to develop the story, connecting the dots between the mundane, so every time you look there’s more to see. 


Having worked across different sectors of design; print production, outdoor advertising, FMCG and packaging, Meri understands the impact visual communication has on consumers. All in all it's the primary way we communicate.

She understand the value of strategy and design working together to target and engage the people who share your true flavour.


Food is her muse, purpose is her game. 

Her soultions are packed full of good vibes; they look like how you feel when you’re eating good food with good people.

We are the right fit for brands who want to step
out of the box

Health & Wellness
Services + Products