Fit-for-purpose freelance illustrator for

Sydney food, beverage and lifestyle brands.

Art connects.


That’s its job. 


It can knock your breath out, lift you up and smooth you straight like Nutella on rye. 


And – if it’s very, very good – it expands who you think you are and helps you click with others like you.


That’s what August Eight does for your brand.

We help you attract the people who share your true flavour.


As social creatures, we all live and die by the connections we build. And we want to help your brand forge deep bonds with like-minded kindreds.


How do we do it? 


With impactful, clever, genuinely relatable images, drawn with meaningful intention that communicate your purpose, that’s how.


Who is August Eight?

Rogue illustrator for hire, Meri Biscotto is the mastermind behind our freelance graphic design studio.


Fuelled by pop culture potency; her art’s raw and ready. Food is her muse, purpose is her game. Her illustrations are packed full of good vibes; they look like how you feel when you’re eating good food with good people. 


When Meri illustrates, the page takes on a music of its own. Like it’s got a beat to it. She absorbs inspiration from everywhere. She experiments with the extraordinary, just because she can. She illustrates every element to develop the story, so every time you look there’s more to see. 


Meri will play with pure colour, layering it, building it up and breaking it down to its simplest forms. Her style is realistic, flat, with a minimal colour palette that creates maximum effect.


Visual Identity - Illustration - Graphic Design