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Our Process

Taking you on a journey to clarity.

Using intuition and strategy, we help you get clear on your business goals through your visual identity. 


Do you like what you see?

Our work is about a different way of thinking. We highly recommend spending some time researching our work to see if we are the right fit for your project. 

  1. Check out our work

  2. Read our case studies

  3. Find us on social media

  4. Read our general T&C’s and FAQ’s here


Are we the right fit for each other?

Once you like what you see get in touch with us. Fill out the relevant form & book in a discovery call. This gives us a chance to:

  1. See if we are the right fit for each other

  2. Tell us more about your project

  3. A chance to ask each other questions


What goals and expectations do you have?

Once we have the green light to move forward we begin getting to know your business and what you want to achieve and who we are talking to.


What to expect:

  • Brainstorm session delving

  • Define goals for your business 

  • Visual strategy document presented


How is this going to look and feel?

We have by now outlined the goals, the target market and an overall visual strategy direction. In this phase we begin the creating and experimenting.

What to expect:

  • Concept presentation

  • Feedback session


Develop & Refine

 We have the foundations, now we can start branching out and Refine, Refine, Refine.

What to expect:

  • Refine the Chosen concept

  • Roll out visuals to assets (e.g. packaging, social)

  • Prepare digital and/or print files 



Now it’s time to get your brand out into the world. We deliver your files and tie up any loose ends, ensuring a seamless transition & launch.

What to expect:

  • Supply of files

  • Delivery of printed items and/or digital files

  • Supply of brand book guidelines.

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